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30+ Letters written by American Christians
for those who have been left behind.

A truthful explanation of the disappearances written before the fact.































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Dear Left Behind,

This letter goes out to everyone! who has been left behind and that are still on this earth. This letter goes out to left behind mothers, fathers, children, teenagers, grandmothers, grandfathers, cousins everyone!. I also want to dedicate this left behind letter to my family, my parents, my 3 brothers, my best friend (sister) Tetechie Beasley, all of my associates that I encountered on Earth. This left behind letter is all for you!!!!!!!!!

If you're wondering where I am at I am not here on Earth. I am with God in Heaven. Yes, that's right The Rapture has happened. SinceI became Christian since my 10th grade year of my 2nd year of High School I knew that this day would come. I knew it would come. I bet you're all scared right now. But, I don't mean to be mean or hasty or nasty it's just that when I was on Earth. I was trying to influence and encourage all who have not became to know God. Know Christ. Know Jesus. Know His Son. His one and only begotten Son that died for my sins as well as for yours.

Yes, you all ''believed'' in God. That's not enough though. I was unSaved for 15 years. I decided to become Christian when I was 16. For all those years when I wasn't Saved I use to think the same exact way too. I use to believe ''well, I am good person. I will be going to Heaven''. No!, doesn't work that way. When I wasn't Saved I believe that was the Enemy telling me that because all I thought I was a good person, did good things, helped people out. But the also the Enemy would have made it where I would been in Hell too. See what I am saying?

The Rapture didn't hurt. It happened so fast. I remember when I would read the book of Revelation there was something I would remember this verse would talk about God going to prepare a place for you (a mansion) and when it's time for His return he would com back and me (whoever accepted Christ). I took that so seriously! because I believed that for myself. When you read the Word I believe it for myself. That I trust God and have Faith that He will keep his promises to all who have accepted Him as their Personal Lord and Savior. See what I mean?

I love you all who I touched while I was on this Earth. It was truly a blessing to have met you all. God surely picked out great people for me to be in my life. Of course, no one could do that BUT God. God is so marvelous, magnificent. His Son DIED for me and my sins. No one, in mankind could do that for me. No one!! All the time in prayer I could not get enough of knowing that His only begotten Son died for my sins. That's truly a ....a (I am speechless). I know right now the world is cold, bitter, sad, violence, people crying, people looking for everyone. I cannot even imagine what's it's like now on Earth. I don't want to know.

I do believe if any of you would have accepted Christ as you're lord and savior you too would feel the joy, the passion, the compassion of God's love. Great things come to people who have accepted Him. Sad to say not who continues to follow the Enemy. Doing his dirty work. God can free you. He can forgive you. If you ask him too. He will!! He will!! I miss you all. And I love for you all. But, I cannot stay. God has took me home. When I was on Earth I use to think that ''It's never too late to welcome God into you're heart''. Now, I believe otherwise. It can be too late. That's what makes it so sad.

Dear Left Behind---all you have of me is memories, memories of what it was down on Earth. The friendships, the relationships. If you go to my house. Look into my room. I bet my parents have all my Christian surrondings in my room. All you have memories and ''things'' of me. That's all. I can see you all again if you accept God. Other than that. I cannot. I am sorry for that too. I truly am. I am so sorry. Do not blame God for what has just taken place. Do not cuss at God. Do not be mean to God. Do not do anything. If anyone is to blame. Sorry--Left Behind I have to say this but blame yourselves. Because when I was on Earth I did try and influence and try and get you to come a step closer (on your own time) to accept Christ. That's not my fault.

To anyone who is reading this. I will say this. I love you all. I pray that things will happen for the better. And you all will accept Christ as your lord and savior. Being a Christian is a lifetime pact that all Christians have to keep. Once you accept God. Do not turn your back on Him. That's the worst anyone can do as a Christian. Take me for example. I was a ''fake'' Christian when I was 14-15 I wanted to do it for my ''Christain friends'' I did not do it myself. Now when I was 16 I totally did it for myself. This to me isn't a ''kid'' thing. It never is a ''thing''. It's forever once you do it.

I love you. I am thinking of you all. Sincerely,




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